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happy birthday G!

Happy 12th birthday to my clever, inventive, creative, happy, beautiful, wonderful, adorable, nerdy, cute, talented, amazing, funny, artistic, gifted, bright, compassionate, loving, singing daughter GIANNA! We love you kid!

olympics thought…

Why are gymnastics coaches so much larger than the gymnasts? Even the men’s teams coaches are bigger.


Happy birthday to my smart, funny, swaggy, fashionable, hip, cool (doo bee dop dop), fresh, fly, crazy, graceful, athletic, wonderful, considerate, helpful, goofy, beautiful, amazing daughter - SOFIA! You will always be our baby.

unnecessary specificity…

Why does Heinz label their bottles of ketchup “TOMATO” ketchup? Is there any other kind of ketchup? I checked a couple of other brands and they all have “TOMATO” on the labels. Hasn’t ketchup been around long enough that we all know it’s made from tomatoes? I could understand if it were like jelly, but […]

just curious…

When did women start going to the bathroom together? I checked with my 72 year old mom and she said that she and her friends used to do it when they were young so it’s been going on since the early 50’s at least. I wonder if this came about after the development of public […]

is it ironic when…

… someone on Facebook, commenting on their idiotic political beliefs, misspells the word genius as “genious”?

whatever happened to the spitball?

Cool article on tracing the disappearance of the once common spitball. It seems the rise of HD and instant replay, combined with the development of the split finger fastball, have doomed the spitter to extinction.

on basketball and cognitive limits…

I used to love playing basketball. My favorite part of the game was a well executed pass that led to an easy shot for a teammate. I hated the Lakers and Celtics but loved the way Magic Johnson and Larry Bird played the game. The sense of knowing where everyone is on the floor, predicting […]

kids today…

Random thoughts after going to school for the past 12 years with classmates who are literally young enough to be my children.
» Guys are really into Call of Duty
» (almost) Everyone loves hip-hop - especially suburban kids
» Tattoos are everywhere
» Same for piercings
» Old guys (like me) are invisible for the most part, except when […]

DONE (thanks sweetie)!

I’ve just finished my degree requirements for my bachelors in computer science. It took me 12 years but I’m finally done and I would never have finished without my wife’s help. She took care of the kids, helped with their homework, made breakfasts/lunches/dinners, gave me a push when I needed one, managed the kids school […]