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learning the violin

I’m learning how to play the violin and the results thus far are less than encouraging, bordering on abysmal. The toughest parts are:
» Controlling the bow. The stupid thing floats all over the place. It’s been difficult to keep the bow in contact with the sweet spot of the strings and maintain an even pressure.
» […]

wouldn’t it be cool if…. ?

… if you could hear what music people were listening to on their ipods/iphones/devices? I’d like to have a broadcast/receiver function built into music players so that you could tap into what is currently playing on someone else’s device. It wouldn’t have to be very powerful, maybe only 50 feet or so. It would be […]


Well this stinks. And this as well. My band opened for these guys a few times a million years ago. I always loved the Hooters original lineup. They were a great live band and John Kuzma and Bobby Woods were fantastic musicians. Rest in peace…

metal band, superhero, or supervillain (part 2)?

1. Deathstroke
2. Spawn
3. Megadeth

cool weirdness from japan…

This is simultaneously the weirdest and coolest choreography I’ve ever seen. The fascinating strangeness of Japanese pop culture never ceases to amaze.

yo soy un perdedor…

Great article here on the owner of the losingest team in pro sports. I try to emphasize with my kids that losing doesn’t make you a loser and failing doesn’t make you a failure.
Listening to:
» Blur - Modern Life is Rubbish Widgets
» Louis Prima - Capitol Collectors Series Widgets
» John Lennon […]


My two oldest daughters are starting to get more into performing. My oldest plays the piano while my middle daughter is a singer. Right now they’re doing plays and recitals and the like and they’re actually getting very good.
There is a feeling that comes from performing - a rare feeling that comes when everything […]

more ephemera…

I wonder if I could run 20 miles… I’m pretty sure I could do it with a couple weeks of training. There’s still enough time left in the season for me to get it in before it gets too cold. The only thing that worries me is how nasty my one toenail still looks after […]


Slate Magazine’s series on creative duos starts out with a great one - Lennon/McCartney. I’ve always been a bit of a Beatles nut so it’s fascinating for me to take a peek at the men behind the curtain as they worked through the nuts and bolts of songwriting. It’s still painful to think that they’ll […]


Most underrated bass & drum combinations

» Bad Company: Simon Kirke and Boz Burrell. These guys were my favorite band as a kid. Great songs, great singer, great guitarist. But above all, a solid bottom line that swung and never dropped the ball. I’m still convinced that most 90’s grunge bands trace their roots to Bad […]