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just as I suspected…

Awesome engineering flowchart on 37 signals today.

thoughts on southern california…

I recently spent a week in the Los Angeles area for work and found it to be pretty nice. I’ve been there in the past but that was about ten years ago and it seemed much nicer this time around. Some thoughts:
» We had beautiful weather while we were there with highs in the mid […]

keeping my fingers crossed…

I just applied for a google chrome OS netbook. Hopefully they’ll think that I can give a good real world run through. First thing I’m going to do if I get one is see if I can use it for development (ftp, image editing, web design). Should be interesting if I can get a hold […]

cool map of migration patterns in the US

Forbes has a great infographic showing migration patterns at the county level in the US. The data is from 2008. Looks like everyone from Gloucester County NJ is retiring to Arizona or Florida. Clever use of color as an indicator - red for outbound, black for inbound. Makes it easy to tell at a glance […]

event ID 51 error - solved

Hooked up a new backup drive to my home pc and started getting a bunch of “Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation” errors. Kind of tough to debug but here’s how I figured out what was going on:
1. Right clicked on “My Computer” and […]

iPad = iWant

Top uses for my (yet to be purchased) iPad:
1: TV viewing. You just know that Netflix is eventually going to stream to this device. Plus, I’ll be able to give it to my kids if they want to watch TV in their rooms.
2: Web browsing. In this case I think the main advantage is portability. […]

forcing a page reload in IE and firefox

I had a cache problem when trying to browse a new site I created for Bella Design Concepts. My initial visit to the site brought up a directory listing because the server hadn’t been set to use index.htm as the default start page for the directory. Subsequent visits to the site still showed the same […]

beatles infographics

These graphics showing Beatles info are wonderfully done. I love the ‘Authorship and Collaboration’ and ‘Self Reference’ graphs. Inspiring.

hr align bug in IE8

I was helping a friend out with a site redesign and ran into a weird bug in IE8. A horizontal rule was aligning left instead of the default center alignment. It displayed fine in Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE7 and below, but for some reason IE8 had it aligning left - even with text-align set […]

saving old data from a restored PC

One of my friends called the other day with the doomsday scenario. He’d run into some spyware issues and had to restore his PC from the recovery disk. The restore worked great, but since the computer was now in an ‘out of the box’ state, his old data was gone. I didn’t have much hope […]