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on basketball and cognitive limits…

I used to love playing basketball. My favorite part of the game was a well executed pass that led to an easy shot for a teammate. I hated the Lakers and Celtics but loved the way Magic Johnson and Larry Bird played the game. The sense of knowing where everyone is on the floor, predicting […]

why do people still snore?

Shouldn’t humans have evolutionarily eliminated snoring by now? Snoring would have been a significant disadvantage to early man. Noisily sleeping prey should not have lasted long enough to pass on the trait to their offspring. I can’t imagine the evolutionary/reproductive advantage that snoring entails.
btw - I snore. Loudly. My wife reminds me of it […]

creating life…

This is simultaneously mind-blowing and terrifying. It sounds like the beginning of an apocalyptic sci-fi movie.

man as machine

A beautiful illustration by Fritz Kahn depicting the human respiratory and digestive system as an industrial palace.

will intelligence evolve?

Evolution by natural selection is, by and large, accepted as fact by the large majority of scientists. That is, species change over time is due to external (largely environmental) pressures. If we accept this view, it follows that our brains, as well as our bodies, must also be products of evolution. Since the brain is […]

speaking of physics…

I’ve been thinking…
The reason we can’t feel the earth moving is because we are all moving along with it. Think of riding in a moving railroad car - if you jump up in the air you don’t come down in a different spot. Same for a ball tossed straight up in the air.
Assume the […]