thoughts on southern california…

I recently spent a week in the Los Angeles area for work and found it to be pretty nice. I’ve been there in the past but that was about ten years ago and it seemed much nicer this time around. Some thoughts:

» We had beautiful weather while we were there with highs in the mid 70s to 80s range. I found it curious that most of the people I saw walking around wore long pants. At those temps in Jersey almost everyone would be wearing shorts. I know about the whole heat/humidity thing but it still seemed odd that almost no one had shorts on. Maybe it’s a fashion thing?

» People in SoCal are skinnier than people in NJ. The body variation seems to be the same, it’s just that extremely overweight people are much rarer than in NJ/Philly.

» Disney’s California Adventure is only a half day park and nowhere near as large as the Florida parks.

» I drank a lot more than I normally do. At home I will occasionally have a drink on the weekend but because my wife and I were traveling without kids we went out every night. Best bar - Uva Bar, an open air bar with delicious mojitos/martinis.

We had a great time but really missed the kids. Next time I go I’ll have to try to get to Hollywood.

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  1. Gianna Says:

    You better take us next time.

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